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Western Reel

Western Reel

Mike Eldredge
Director, Cinematographer, Editor 

Mike Eldredge, award winning filmmaker, director and cinematographer is renowned for his distinctive work in cinematography and editing. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for the Western industry, his creations reflect the grit and spirit of the frontier in a uniquely compelling way. Eldredge's broad and dynamic portfolio spans from impactful commercials and evocative brand films to insightful documentaries. His style is marked by his masterful use of natural light to instill a dramatic, cinematic quality into every frame.

Beyond his artistic prowess, Eldredge is noted for his efficient work ethic. He has a profound dislike for wasteful production spending and is known to meticulously manage resources to prevent unnecessary expenditure. This knack for efficiency, combined with his creative genius and commitment to authenticity, ensures every piece Eldredge produces is not only visually stunning, but also economically sound.